About Pamela

To know about me and to know about my work you really need to understand the connection between me and the garden. My desire is to capture the exuberance and energy in flowers and natural forms.  To express, with color and paint the beauty, joy, and mystery that plants lavish upon us.   

I fell in love with gardens when I was three.  We lived in Illinois and I remember looking out the second story window expecting to see the snow and instead saw green shoots coming out of the earth.  They formed a large square in the side yard. After all the frosty cold vanished, brightly colored tulips soon appeared.  The yard yielded Lily of the Valley, violets, raspberry bushes and so much more, with no effort that I could see.     

Now, many years later in sunnier climes I’m a novice gardener as well as an artist.  Our yard is full of native plants and wildflowers that are an inspiration.  My gratitude for these plucky botanicals knows no bounds.  The hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies add buzz and excitement to the mix.  Their creativity is palpable and I appreciate the gifts they give.  

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